The Institute:


Makbilit specializes since 1997 in remedial education and bagrut preparation for children with learning difficulties. Makbilit also has much experience in helping Olim integrate into the Israeli school system.


Makbilit has two centers, one in Efrat in the heart of Gush Etzion and the other in Jerusalem.


Makbilit employs professionals in the area of special education, counseling and psychology, didactic evaluation and coaching.


Makbilit is considered unique in its field and has developed a reputation for helping answer the individual educational and emotional needs of its students.

Makbilit helps students from first through twelfth grade.


Makbilit offers:

  • Remedial Education
  • Bagrut Preparation
  • Advanced Hebrew Ulpan
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Learning Strategies and Thinking Skills
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Individual Education Programs
  • Didactic and Psychological Assessments
  • Computer skills
  • Student Advocate


The Process:


The student’s strengths and talents are found through a didactic and/or psychological evaluation, student and parent questionnaires, as well as an informal assessment of learning strategies. These tools give a broad picture of the students’ personal strengths and talents.

The Program:

The questionnaires and assessments serve as a base for creating an individual learning program. The goal of the learning program is to experience success and develop learning skills that will help build a strong and confident person.

Direction and Supervision:

Throughout the year the program is supervised and the teacher is guided and directed by a didactic coach and an educational psychologist.

Periodic assessments are made in order to evaluate the success of the learning program and make any necessary adjustments.


The Staff:

The teaching staff at Makibilit Institute have degrees in special education.  The experience and skills of the staff contribute greatly to the uniqueness of Makbilit and the continuing development of creative teaching methods thereby answering the varying needs of each student. 


The staff at Makbilit is always available to answer your questions!